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Commercial Property
Commercial & Residential Property

Commercial property owners, managing agents and developers require specialist insurance protection for their land and buildings. As a property owner or managing agent, you will be exposed to a variety of insurance risks, from structural problems with the property, to disputes with tenants.

The property’s value and potential income earned from it warrants a close look at the insurance requirements. Like many other business risks, property owners can buy specialist polices to suit all property types and owner needs. Our expert property insurance advisers can explain the available options, and why one policy or provider is more suitable than another, to ensure you arrange appropriate insurance protection for your property.

We can advise you on:
- Assessing your exposure to risks
- Planning the insurance of your property during its refurbishment
- Policy wordings, exclusions and other insurance terms
- Arranging insurance for your property portfolio
- Arranging competitive terms and suitable insurers
- Assistance with insurance claims

Commercial property owner's insurance in the UK has become a lot more complicated in recent years with more red tape and regulation on its way. Our property insurance advisers will give you timely advice on these issues, and access to a range of high quality property insurance products which can be arranged at competitive premiums.

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